Group Menus

Sindbads Group Menus
100 St. Clair Ave. – Detroit, MI 48214 – (313) 822-8000
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Menu Selection Entree Options
(each person may choose one)
(per person)
(per person, with Dessert)
Lunch Menu 1 -One Broiled Choice Pork Chop.
-Boneless Breast Chicken Parmesan.
-Iceland Cod Filet lightly breaded and fried.                                                          Served with salad & baked potato.
$17.60 $20.70
Lunch  Menu 2 -One Broiled Choice Pork Chop
-Boneless Breast of Chicken Parmesan
-Icelandic Cod Filet lightly battered and fried.                                                         Served with salad & baked potato          -1/2 lb  Angus Cheeseburger, served with french fries and cole slaw.                -Chicken Caesar Salad
$18.25 $21.35
Dinner Menu 1 -Two Broiled Choice Pork Chops
-Boneless Breast Chicken Parmesan
-Icelandic Cod Filet lightly breaded & fried.                                                         Served with salad & baked potato
$21.70 $24.80
Dinner Menu 2 -12 oz New York Strip Steak.
-Gulf of Mexico Shrimp, lightly battered & fried.
$35.90 $39.00
All Meals Include  One Non-Alcoholic Beverage
(Choice of Coffee, Hot or Iced Tea, Pop, Milk)
Prices include 6% sales tax & 18% gratuity
No Substitutions, Please!