Boat Wells & Marina

We are located at 100 St. Clair, Detroit, Michigan
Coordinates: N 42° 21.33′ W 82° 57.76′

Free Guest Wells

Ask anyone of our guests who have come in by boat and you’ll be certain to hear that there is no better way to visit Sindbads! We offer Guest Wells for dining at no charge when you want to cruise in for a meal or a visit. Our Guest Wells are painted White, and we also offer Rental Wells that are painted Grey.

Docking Assistance

If you need assistance for docking, please call our Dock Master at (313) 822-7817 and we will be out there for you. Dress shoes or deck shoes are both fine footwear at Sindbad’s. If you would like to stay overnight, we have very reasonable rates. Just check in with our host or manager on duty inside! If you come in late, just see us when we open at 11am.

Seasonal Well Rentals

Looking for a place to keep your boat during the season? Our seasonal wells are available from April 1st until November 1st. Over the years, we’ve learned that Walleye fishing is great on the Detroit River from March until May; rent a well for the season and enjoy the convenience of having a well in the area! For details on pricing and availability, please ask for Mark Blancke (313) 338-7009.

Sindbad's Seafood Restaurant Detroit Michigan